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Integrated Chain Tensioner Brake Mount Brake Mount for Broadcaster | Forecaster | EX Gyro Tabs (Pair) Brake Cable Guide Brake Cable Guide (Soundwave V2, V3)

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Replacement parts for Sunday frames. Compatibility as specified.

Integrated Chain Tensioners

Replacement pair of integrated chain tensioners found on Sunday frames.

3mm allen wrench not included.

Removable 990 Brake Mount

These are the removable brake mount posts. Thread into the frame using a 4mm allen key or a 10mm wrench. For the Motoross, Soundwave, or Street Sweeper. Select Broadcaster specific brake mounts for Broadcaster frames.

*You must order x2 mounts to make one set for one frame.

Bolt-on Brake Cable Guide

Brake Cable Guide for the Soundwave v2 and v3 frames.  (Will also work with Sunday Funday 2.1 frame). 

This will NOT fit frames that use the pressure fit cable guide.

Pressure Fit Brake Cable Guide

This is the pressure fit cable guide that works with all Sunday frames that have the Cable Channel under the top tube. Just slide the cable guide under the tab welded to the frame then set up brake cable. The cable pressure holds it together.

Will work with Soundwave v1, Third Wave, Wave-C, Forecaster, and Funday frames.