Fairdale / Complete Bike Warranty

Fairdale Frameset 5 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty does not cover damage from abuse, neglect, or any kind of general wear and tear. While we are happy to accept responsibility for any mistakes we might make while building the frameset, you will have to be responsible for damage to the frameset caused by you.

This warranty does not cover the finish of the bicycle under any circumstances. Modifying the frameset, outside of cutting the fork’s steerer tube to size, will void the warranty.

Fairdale Component 1 Year Limited Warranty

Fairdale guarantees components to be free of manufacturer’s defects for one year from the original date of purchase. Essentially, if something is damaged because it was made wrong we will take care of it by fixing or replacing it. This warranty is specific to manufacturer’s defects only. It does not cover wear, finish, improperly installed or poorly maintained products. We will not be responsible for any damage brought on by your actions with the bicycle.

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